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Top 15 Most Viewed Youtube Videos over time (2012-2020)

Navigating Through a Perfect Storm

Even among the perfect storm, most investors will not realize the significance to locking in their gains at this opportune point. This is especially true given given the current financial climate.

Promissory Note Valuation – Important Tax Consequences

The sum of the unpaid principal plus accrued interest may actually overstate the value of the promissory note. Fair Market Value Differs from Book Value. The IRS calculates many taxes on Fair Market Value, not on cost or book value. Often they over-value the note and over-pay the tax.

Building a $1 Million Dollar Retirement Account

Building a hefty retirement account is all about starting early, getting a good rate of return, and understanding the power of compounding. The greatest danger to this is thinking that you are too young to start planning a retirement, but it fact it makes it easier long-term. The article does not discuss investment vehicles, merely the importance of starting early, and compounding.

Why NOT Budgeting for Home Maintenance Can Ruin Your Retirement

It’s always those unforeseen expenses that if we have not planned well, can really kick us in the shins! If you haven’t budgeted for ‘home maintenance’, why should you and then how much should you set aside? We go over a succinct way of budgeting specifically for your home and the true reasons why it should be done not only with your home but with everything.

How to Get Your Retirement Right

It’s crucial to plan for retirement, but the majority of people aren’t saving enough. Learn a strategy that allows you to generate income before, and even during, your retirement years.

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