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Top 15 Vloggers of India 🇮🇳 | Ft. Sourav Joshi Vlogs, Flying Beast,Gaurav Choudhury (Updated)

A Short History of the Amish Quilt

The Amish are well-known for their religious devotion, work ethic and simple lifestyle. Yet while many may suppose the Amish to be a straight-laced people, the “simple folk” are celebrated for their brightly-colored and boldly-designed quilts. The tradition of American Amish quilt making is believed to have originated in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (one of the largest and oldest Amish settlements in America) as early as 1890. It was here that disciplined craftsmanship, religious devotion and simplicity blended to create practical works of art that continue to inspire people everywhere.

Magical, Mythical, Mental and Integral Modes of Music and Consciousness

The Swiss cultural philosopher Jean Gebser defines four modes of music and development of consciousness as magical, mythical, mental and integral. The article discusses the 4 modes of development, and how music plays a huge part of the cultural development, creates altered states, assists in spiritual awakening of all forms of consciousness in different societies.

Start Timers

Start-Timers believe in the importance of life and our continued success on our planet Earth. This positive phylosophy will give mankind the opportunity to look beyond our home planet and become part of the Universe to take a step closer to answering the age old questions “why are we here” and “does God exist”?

Psychological Insecurity, Constitutional Crisis, and Individual and Social Violence

When the population feels a sense of security around their offices; it never matters how much damage the regime makes to the economy, it never cares about how many citizens continue to die of preventable illnesses, and how many unproductive men and women exist, which themselves are enough of the threats to political stability. Under such circumstances, the regime is so insecure because of unlawful actions, only made lawful through corruption structures long set to meet that need.

How Can One Nigeria Survive?

The recent spate of bombings by the Boko Haram sect in Nigeria has cast a new layer of doubt to the portfolio of the cynic’s mind questioning whether the nation conceived in unity can survive. I disagree that it cannot.

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