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Top 20 Country By CO2 Emissions (1900-2015)

Since the Industrial Revolution, energy-driven consumption of fossil fuels has led to a rapid increase in CO2 emissions, This video provides a historical perspective of how CO2 emissions have evolved, how cumulative emissions are distributed, and the impacts on atmosphere and climate change. It is a data visualization from the year 1900 to 2015. Today there are many organizations fighting climate change such as IPCC, UNEP, Green Climate Fund… and their slogan is: save the earth, save the planet, save our world.
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A Discounted Promissory Note Value Is Good

All investors want their investment accounts (IRA accounts) to be worth as little as legally permissible for taxation and fee expense calculations—but, worth as much as possible for spending purposes. This result can be accomplished by applying generally recognized, and legally permitted, valuation discounts to private promissory notes.

Discounts Applied to Determine Fair Market Value of Promissory Notes

Customarily we think of the value of investments as their cost in our books and records-“book value”. If we paid $40,000.00 for a promissory note paying 6.5% interest we normally feel its “value” is $40,000.00. But, the IRS’s definition may cause the investment to be valued for tax purposes at a very different figure. Book value is not always the same as IRS Fair Market Value.

Promissory Note Discounts for Estate and Gift Taxes

Calculating the Fair Market Value of the Promissory Note. What is the Issue? What is the Risk of an Improper Valuation? Valuation Uncertainty Can Cause Red Flags Who is Qualified to do the Appraisal?

Retirement Planning – Save Cash Now To Enjoy Its Benefits As A Retiree

It is a fact that we will reach a point in our lives where we all need to retire from our professions. You dream of a life where you will just enjoy traveling and having fun for the remainder of your life but keep in mind that there is a cost that comes with it.

Discounting Your Promissory Note Makes Good Sense

The Benefits of Discounting Your Promissory Note. Lessons I’ve Learned. Fair Market Value vs. Cost Value, Book Value, Net Asset Value.Why is a Discounted (Reduced) Appraised Value a Good Thing? What Causes the Discounted Valuation?

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