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Top 20 Country by Total Coronavirus Infections (0 to 115M Cases)

This video shows the Top 20 countries by total coronavirus infections (confirmed cases) from January 2020 to March 2021. The virus was first discovered in Wuhan, China in December 2019 and spread to almost the entire world by 2020.


World Health Organization & Worldometers

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Energy Sources and Investment Are Focused Across the World

The coalition government in Germany has planned to source around 80% of the electricity needs of the Germany; this will be supplied by itself by 2050. Norbert Rottgen, the environment minister for Germany declared the recent energy projects are the most challenging one, and the German Cabinet has signed an understanding for the 17 nuclear power plants which will embark on its production from 2022. Rainer Bruderle, the Economics minister for Germany announced that, the nuclear power plants constructed before the year 1980 is permitted for functioning for the forth coming eight year and the recently constructed nuclear power plants will be operated for another 14 years, and by the end of 2036 Germany will withdraw its nuclear energy venture and the nuclear power plant…

Tax Lien Investing: A Powerful Self Directed IRA Investment Tool

Investing in real estate and tax lien investing has staying power in the market. Even in a poor real estate climate, tax lien investing can be profitable because of the inherent value of the property. With most investments, the motto is “the higher the risk, the greater the return”. But this is not the case with tax lien investing. The risk of purchasing them is minimal because the certificates are fully collateralized by the property and the profits can be great. Even better is purchasing tax lien certificates inside a Self Directed IRA. Read on to find out more….

Company Pension Deficits Are Higher Than Ever – What Does This Mean for Employees?

Recently, a KPMG survey revealed that as much as a third of companies are burdened with pension deficits that may force them to rethink their current staff pension schemes. The deficits of FTSE 100 firms have risen to a record-breaking 65 billion, up from 40 billion in 2008.

Simple Tips You Need To Know When Creating a Retirement Plan

Well most people in India considered the retirement planning as one of the most challenging task. This is because of some several factors out there that can affect the plan of most retirees. The most obvious is the lifespan of most retirees there wherein the retirement plans are considered to be critical since the life in years of the pensioners are the basis of most retirement plans. The other reason why the retirement plan in India is a difficult one is because of the inflation that continues to erode or to affect the savings and also with the interests’ rates of the Indian economy. No matter what happens inside the economy of the Indian nation there are simple tips for you to remember and must follow so that you can survive when it comes to your retirement plan.

Things to Look for When Using a Retirement Saving Calculator

When we say optimal planning calculator well that would be a heaven’s sent because of all calculators and things that was made here on earth there is no such thing as perfect. When it comes to our ever changing economic state optimal planning calculators are impossible. This is because of the things that may happen or for those things that have crossed the limit of our jurisdiction. Aside from that when we talk of economy, there are a lot of things that are involved and there are a lot of things that needs to be considered first before you can have a primary result to a problem.

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