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Top 20 Immigration Destinations For Chinese People (1960 to 2020)

Why Minority Group Members Don’t Use Public Lands More

Generally, minority group members tend to use public lands and outdoor recreation areas much less than their percentage of the population. This article discusses why they may be less involved than members of the majority white population and how to get them to become more involved.

Nine Fascinating Tidbits About the Victorian Corset – Or “Cedic, I Feel Faint!”

Have you ever wondered how those Victorian ladies achieved their astonishing hourglass figures? Their secret was the corset, a formidable garment ribbed with steel and whalebone, designed to lace a waist down to a man’s hand span. But the corset did much, much more than that to shape a woman’s life.

Jared Loughner: Why Did He Do It?

It is a natural response for humans to look for reasons for aberrant behavior in their fellow humans. Why did the terrorists attack us on 9/11? Why did Jim Jones kill all those people in Guyana? Why did Seung-Hui Cho open fire on classmates at Virginia Tech? Millions are asking today why Jared Loughner opened fire in front of a Tucson Safeway?

The Evolution Revolution on the “Illuminati”

Someone I know via FB recently sent me a link to a video, with an accompanying message: “worth listening to” and “this is what we are up against.” This video was purportedly exposing the “Illuminati”–the recited text a list of ways ‘they’ are manipulating and controlling the masses, coupled with visual images meant to horrify and incense. First let me say that the text itself, when examined, contains multiple contradictions and an inherent fallacy that makes the whole exercise a terrible joke.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Sampling Methods

There are advantages and disadvantages of using different sampling methods in social research. This article describes them.

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