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Top 20 Largest Exporting (Trade) Country in the World (1970-2021)

This video shows the Top 20 exporting countries (goods and services) from 1970 to 2021. European and North American nations dominated during the 60s and 70s. As factories moved to Asia, countries, such as mainland China, Hong Kong (China), South Korea, and India started to export more. Will China be able to beat the US in exports after the Trade War? You will find out after watching this video!


World Bank & Trading Economics

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Britain Is Home To A Rich Bunch of People – Now Time to Sort Out Your Pension!

Amid all the doom and gloom that has over cast Britain for sometime, it seems that many of us have forgotten of the many success stories that Britain has produced. Household names such as Richard Branson, James Dyson and Sir Phillip Green to name but a few have done exceptionally well for themselves but also for Britain’s global standing among the rich elite. Although these individuals are exceptions, here in Britain we have an astounding number of people who are in the millionaire bracket.

Invest Now, Retire in Style Later

What lifestyle do you want to have when you enter into retirement? Are you planning to retire and get away traveling or just live out your years waiting for death to take you away from the daily monotony of existence? Which sounds best to you?

Valuation of Promissory Notes In Today’s Market

Promissory note valuation for IRS estate tax and gift tax purposes is defined as “Fair Market Value”. Part of the formal definition is the price at which the note would change hands between a willing buyer and seller when both are acting free from compulsion and both have reasonable knowledge of the relevant facts.   If a note is secured (collateralized) by real estate or business property, that property is a major element that supports…

How To Value A Promissory Note – Part 2

As we previously discussed, valuing a note is as much an art as a science. The main reasons why arriving at a realistic valuation is difficult, and subject to a judgment factor, is that no public market exists where notes are bought and sold and where prices are published. Each note transaction is a private transaction between one buyer and one seller.

Creative Financing – Mortgage Notes and Other Tools

Since early 2006 to the present our financial system in this country has been in disarray and significantly crippled. Hundreds of banks have already failed and been closed; hundreds more have been forced into mergers (shotgun marriages) with stronger banks; hundreds more are operating as “zombie” institutions-they look like banks and they try to act like banks but they cannot make loans. Most of the “too big to fail” banks based in New York, California, or Atlanta appear to be operating normally, but the truth is…

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