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Top 20 Most Popular Android Paid Apps & Games (2015-2021)

Going Offline And Online: The Two Faces Of Tax Lien Investing

Almost all types of businesses and investments today are done in an entirely different manner than they were decades ago. Ranging from the simple to the most complex, they need hands-on approach. From setting up a shop, making transactions, buying supplies and making payments, you should see through every step.

Ideal Real Estate Investments for 401(K) Plans

The author makes a compelling argument which investment one should consider and why. With so many possibilities, Investors can be left with more questions than answers. This article will offer clarity and direction to the interested retirement plan investor.

Tax Liens, Deeds and Certificates Explained

Tax liens,deeds and certificates? Have you heard of these? For some, it is but a complicated topic that needs no further intrusion. While for some, this is a vehicle towards financial freedom. To begin with, these enable investors to make serious money by buying distressed properties from delinquent taxpayers. Though not considered as real estate investing, it offers one of the superior returns on investment.

Tax Sale Business – Common Beginner Mistakes

Investing in tax lien certificates and tax deeds is considered safe, secure and predictable. However, one cannot enter a business without completely understanding the process and rules behind it. Few bases should be covered before investing.

Should You Really Buy Term and Invest the Difference?

Many people believe that buying term and investing the difference is the best course of action for achieving financial stability and prosperity. In this article, we examine this myth, and show how the financial gurus have it all wrong- buying term and investing the difference rarely, if ever, works.

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