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Japanese Dialects

Although Japan is a tiny country in size made up of even smaller islands, its dense population is rich with diversity and the language reflects that in regional dialects. While standard Japanese is a monotone-like sound derived from the Tokyo accent, the multiple dialects and accents range from the lively and expressive southern accent to the somewhat comical Kansai accent to the islander Okinawan accent. Even if you are fluent in Japanese, you may very well be unable to understand many local dialects.

Human Universals

What does it mean to be human? Every culture on earth shares certain behaviours.

Elephants and Humans: Changing the Way We Think About Using Animals for Entertainment

Given all the other problems we’re facing today, is it worth trying to save the elephant? Absolutely. But can we? We have the intelligence, the ingenuity, and the means to do so. We have a grand quantity of knowledge… but do we have sufficient quality of knowledge, i.e. wisdom?

Selfish Gene – Social Species

A look at why humans are a deeply social species (mostly)! This article explores individualistic behaviour vs. a collective culture.

Colonizing The World: Prehistoric Migration Issues

Modern humans originated in Africa some 200,000 years ago – give or take. Further on down the timeline, some band(s) of African humans eventually migrated Out-of-Africa and ultimately colonized Planet Earth. That’s the standard anthropological model. However, within that standard scenario lie a lot of anomalous issues, some of which are explored here. An attempt to resolve these anomalies is presented.

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