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Top 5 YouTubers Vs Tiktokers

Corporate Nakusas

“But what is in a name? Plenty, if you happen to carry the indignity of being labeled ‘Nakusa’ from your cradle, as this little girl and her elder cousin found. Meaning ‘unwanted’, the names of these two girls of Shankarwada, in Satara district, are a reflection of just how low in esteem the girl child is held in many parts of India.” “A further survey in the Satara district, carried out through the anganwadi workers, revealed that there were at least 222 girls up to the age of 16, with the same name in 5 blocks in that particular district.” Can you wrap your mind around that? 222 girls with the name ‘Nakusa’, meaning unwanted! Wow! Imagine having within your name the feeling that was associated with your birth; to carry with you every day. Every time somebody calls you by your name, you are reminded that you are an unwanted child. The article goes on to say how the health officer there, Mr. Pawar, began to change the concept. He tried to have a re-christening service for these girls and managed to have a day when a lot of them changed their names.

Political Correctness and Bigotry

The word “bigot” gets thrown around all the time in politics, and in many cases it is wrongly placed. I got accused of being a bigot when I suggested that peaceful Muslim-Americans should report those Muslim-Americans who intend terrorist action. This is not bigotry, it is reason.

The Indian Caste System

One of my friends, who recently told his dad that he loves a girl and wants to get married to her had to face his dad’s wrath. WHY? Because she did not belong to his caste!

The Future Is Coming: Find Something To Hold Onto

There exists an idea, in the minds of an increasingly large portion of the global population, that humanity’s progress has reached a milestone of greater importance than all others combined. Mankind is in a position, technologically and evolutionarily, to allow us all to bask in the wonderment of being part of a society that can and will create anything it can imagine. The term, “science fiction,” may be a misnomer much sooner than anyone had ever anticipated. Though this may be a frightening proposition for some, others have allowed their imaginations to ponder the reality that exists just beyond our grasp, in a place that Vernor Vinge calls, “The Singularity.”

Culture in the Balance – The Rio Blanco Maya

The valley of the Gualcarque River is a naturalist’s paradise. A walk down the only road toward the site of the proposed Agua Zarca dam and power plant offers the assurance that a look in any direction will yield a view more spectacular than the last. This is a land of perpetual green where every little shrouded ravine reveals a rivulet of sparkling clear water hidden under leaves that can often be measured in feet. Brilliantly colored tropical birds flit through heavily laden Mango trees above an undergrowth of Moras dripping with fruit, and an uncommonly odd insect or two dropping in for a free lunch.

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