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Top 7 Most Subscribers Lost and Gained in a Week (Full YouTube History)

youtube world records for the most subscribers lost in a week and the most subscribers gained in a week.
0:00 : Jay Man – OurMusicBox
0:10 : Cosmic Storm by A Himitsu (Royalty Free Music)

How To Plan For Your Retirement

Among the most frightening thoughts a person could have would be to reach retirement age only to not have sufficient enough funds to actually retire. That means you may be working well into your 70’s to make ends meet. Sadly, many people do find themselves in such a position due to poor retirement plans.

Financial Planning – Retire In Style

Even if you’ve been through some financial setbacks, it is never too late to begin building assets for your retirement years. Depending on your individual circumstances, there are several different ways to decide what type of strategies will fit well into your retirement planning. The goal is to identify methods that you can implement immediately and then expand your planning when and as you are able to do so.

Is A Ten Year Retirement Plan Long Enough?

Retirement planning is something everyone who works should consider. There comes a time when it is not possible to work anymore or you simply do not want to work anymore. With life expectancies increasing that means you could be spending 30 years or more in your retirement years.

Discounting Promissory Notes – What Causes the Discount?

Lessons I’ve Learned about Discounts. Promissory Note Investing Benefits. Are Promissory Notes Usually Discounted? Reasons that Cause Discounting. Why These Reasons Are Important.

Promissory Note Investing Checklist – Note Investing Appraisal Guidelines

You are an investment appraiser.Never invest in a promissory note you don’t understand. Note investing guidelines and checklist.Wide diversification is only required when you don’t understand what you are doing?

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