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Top Countries by Agricultural Land Area 1961 to 2017

How much land is used for agriculture in the world and which countries have the highest agricultural land area?

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Agricultural land in USA
Agricultural land in Mexico
Agricultural land in the World

Retirement Planning and Its Benefits

Retirement for the monthly salaried class is one of the most crucial parts of life. While retirement cannot be avoided, retirement planning could play a beneficial role in one’s retired life. Proper planning for the individual’s retirement could be got through many sources.

Roth IRA: Some Basic Aspects

Individual Retirement Account or IRA is a term that refers to a particular form of retirement plan that provides the people tax benefits for the savings after retirement. It mainly provides various tax advantages but these benefits vary depending upon the kind of IRA chosen. This plan is very popular in the US.

Differences Between a Traditional IRA and a Roth IRA Account

For a secure future, it is quite necessary to save for your own retirement outside of government programs like the Social Security. There are only a few companies which are offering pensions and the Social Security system in the present scenario needs to undergo drastic changes in order to remain visible in the near future. Each individual has multiple retirement options.

Want to Retire a Millionaire? Here’s How!

We all want to live rich and die happy, but HOW? Saving money is often a daunting task that seems impossible – the choice between living well now or retirement planning and living well when you’re 65 often leads to people putting paychecks into checking, and not savings, accounts. But it’s not too late for you to change your ways, start investing in stocks and mutual funds, and have a comfortable future to cozy up into in a few years.

Comparing Roth IRA With Normal IRA

Roth IRA is named after the senator William Roth, who created this plan. This retirement plan is different from the traditional IRA, and has different pros, and cons. Both of the plans should be understood properly, and analyzed before selecting one, as both are beneficial to different investors, and in different circumstances.

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