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Top Countries by Arable Land per Capita, 1961 to 2016

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Arable Land
Land usage
Arable Land per capita

It’s Never Too Late To Start Saving for Retirement

The sooner you can put some money away, the sooner that money will start growing! If you can consistently contribute to your retirement account(s), you might just have a nice nest egg when you need it. Start small….say 5% of your income. Then, gradually bump it up if possible. Fortunately, there are several resources to help with growing your contributions besides Social Security…

Safety Options For Retirement Income Generating Assets

If you are looking for some safety options for your retirement income generating assets then keep reading. You should never risk your retirement income generating assets. Although the market is up right now there is no guarantee it will keep growing at its current rate or stay up.

Sales Pitches Disguised As Investment Seminars

Retirees often find themselves with considerable nest eggs, often hundreds of thousands of dollars, but little expertise in how to derive needed income from their cash piles. The choices seem limitless: mutual funds, dividend-paying stocks, municipal bonds, bond ladders, reverse mortgages… it’s no wonder that inexperienced retirees turn to any source of advice they can find.

Indexed Annuities Tips

One of the most important choices facing a retiree is how to replace the monthly income that once came in with a steady paycheck. Retirees still need to pay their electric bills and phone bills; they still need cash to purchase food and entertainment.

Planning Retirement for Beginners

Secure jobs, social security and pensions that you thought were enough won’t make it anymore. Planning for retirement can make that come true again. Be smart; get the proper training to give you that supplemental income you will need.

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