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Top Countries by Health Expenditure per Capita (Both Public and Private Expenditure)

Which countries spend the most per capita on healthcare?

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Which country has the best healthcare?

Government spending on healthcare by country

Health expenditure per capita

Health expenditure

Global healthcare spending 2018

Out of pocket healthcare costs by country

China healthcare expenditure

Per capita healthcare spending by country

Current health expenditure

Calculating Your Equity Release – What Does the Number Crunching Entail?

The lack of a retirement plan or difficult circumstances can make many people thankful for the option of having a home that they can use to tide over financial difficulties. And an equity release helps you do just that. However, in order to ensure that the deal is worth it, you need to ensure you understand exactly what you are getting…

Equity Release Schemes – How Your House Can Help You With Retirement?

Although not one of the best choices around, equity releases are more of a damage-control vehicle than a retirement plan. However, as far as damage control vehicles go, they are the soundest. Take a look at the features of equity release schemes:

Are Flexible Annuities Worth Considering?

‘Flexible annuities’ is the general term for annuities that are invested in the stock market. Like other annuities, it provides a guaranteed income, but at the same time, the opportunity to make good profits and get a higher income based on markets.

What to Consider While Purchasing an Annuity

Purchasing an annuity as part of your retirement plan is one of the most sensible decisions you could make. However, it is a big decision, one that impacts your entire life after employment. In order to ensure your retirement is blissful and hassle-free, you need to think through a pension annuity in considerable detail.

Understanding Benefits of Lifetime Annuities

Lifetime annuities provide you with a lot of benefits, which probably make them the soundest investment for your retirement. Along with giving you lifetime regular income for as long as you live, lifetime annuities can be customized in many ways and come with many options that you can add for your specific needs.

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