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Top countries by import growth from the world

Import value indexes are the current value of imports converted to U.S. dollars and expressed as a percentage of the average for the base period (2000).

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Top Importers
Import Growth

Examining Your Money And Retirement Future

Planning for retirement is an area of our lives that many of us shy away from. The current state of the economy has become so overwhelming that many people have lost their retirement dreams entirely. The need to address our money and retirement issues before we reach retirement age has become a looming reality. Scrambling to find ideas to prepare for retirement has become the pastime of choice for many.

Planning For Your Emotional Retirement

If you are ready to begin planning a retirement, there are a few factors you must consider. Money is only one consideration in your retirement plan. You must think about location, your medical condition, health issues, family and your own emotional acceptance. Are you ready to retire emotionally? What are your days going to be, once you no longer have a job to go to each day? For many people who have worked hard all their lives, retiring can be a physical struggle. It always gets lost in the plan for retirement need.

The Number One Fear For Boomers: Can You Ever Retire?

Imagine. The day you’ve been looking forward to is almost here. Retirement. Time to do the things you’ve always wanted to, but were too busy earning a living, perhaps raising a family. But wait, will you have enough income? Will you have to live like a hermit? Will you be eating cat food?

Two Minute Drill: Your Average, Sub-Mediocre Life

One of the most interesting thing that I’ve seen in this world is the fact that most people spend (8 hrs at work + 2 hrs driving) * 5 hrs / day = 50 hrs / week working at a job that they most definitely do not enjoy, making barely enough to scrape by in this ever-increasing over inflated economy where the poor are getting poorer, the middle class is getting ripped off, and the rich are getting more and more sneaky at how to evade paying off those ridiculous taxes.

Retirement Income – Where Is The Safe Haven?

If you are looking for retirement income right now you might be having some difficulty. Stocks are up but slow economic growth could mean low returns. Corporate debt is way up and not looking a whole lot better and with all of the local state government’s problems the municipal bond market is a rough place to be right now as well. What to do?

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