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Top Countries by Number of Refugees (1990-2018)

the refugee crisis is a real problem that concerns many countries, especially in europe. After the war in Syria, many Syrian refugees fled to Europe, including Turkey, Germany and many other countries, such as the Philippines and Canada. The crisis is not just about Syrian refugees, there are refugees from Myanmar and some war zones around the world. In this video, you will see data on refugees provided between 1990 and 2018 by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR and UNRWA.
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Women Over 50 – 5 Tips For Financial Independence

Women over 50 seeking financial independence should follow these 5 tips. Outlined are tips on creating more income, investing the surplus and tax savings.

Give the Gift of a Roth IRA

This past summer, my business partner’s son turned 21. In addition to a beer brewing system, she also gave him a gift with an eye on his future- a Roth IRA. It got me to thinking about what a great idea that was and how other parents and grandparents can help their children and grandchildren get a head start on their retirement savings.

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It, And I Feel Fine!

It seems like anyone old enough to remember the 2008 crash is decidedly bearish and absolutely convinced that the next crash is just moments from impact. Of course they’ll be right at some point, likely early next year. The market has a couple of things going for it, one big aspect being disbelief, and that markets never crash when everybody expects them to.

Are Sluggish Earnings The Beginning Of The End?

I, like many investors, professional and individual alike, have been skeptically bullish on this global QE/stimulus/money printing driven market for 4 years now, and all with one hand on the sell button. Although I may have missed some of the upside by focusing on investments that pay higher than normal dividends and interest, it has been the goal to participate while taking less risk.

Social Security’s Gift to Married Couples: The Spousal Benefit

One of the benefits of being married is that you can share your spouse’s Social Security benefits. If you are close to retirement age, you should be aware that there are various benefits available to spouses, including divorced or surviving spouses. With Social Security making up approximately 40% of American’s retirement income, it’s important to understand and maximize your benefits.

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