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Top Countries by Railway (Train) Goods Transported (1980-2020)

This video shows the Top 20 countries by their total Railway Freight (Goods transported through railway systems) from 1980 to 2020. The Soviet Union was dominating in the graph until the collapse of the state when the United States and China took over.


World Bank & OECD

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Three Ways to Save for Your Retirement

The standard income recommendation for a retired individual is 80% of his or her income before retirement. This income amount is lower than the pre-retirement amount for several reasons.

Conservative Options Trading Through Writing Covered Calls

Are you looking for a way to protect your stock portfolio or individual stocks within it after a recent run-up? Or, would you like to create an income from your existing portfolio, in addition to any dividends you may be receiving? You may know of stock options as a risky investment where one puts the money towards a highly leveraged position in the hope of tripling it in a couple of weeks. There’s a lot more to options trading than that however; knowledgeable investors of a conservative persuasion (often retired people with portfolios built over decades) sometimes use option writing, or selling, as a way to protect gains or to incrementally increase overall portfolio returns.

Passing Your Retirement Savings to Future Generations

While no one can predict the strength or timing of our next economic recovery, many experts feel the U.S. may be entering a period of slower, long-term economic growth. Against this backdrop, many parents may have adult children with less earning power or fewer job opportunities than they had themselves. Parents often tell me they are looking for ways to provide their children with more financial security for the future.

Eight Retirement Lessons You Need to Know

Stay on track with these helpful tips on retirement and your finances. This article covers everything from retirement planning to managing debt, and much more.

Creative Financing – Financial Tools and Ideas – Part One

In the recent past-the past twenty-five years or so-banks have been the primary source for real estate financing. Over a much longer period of time, other sources of financing supplemented the banks, and in many situations replaced the banks. These other sources were, at one time or the other, primary sources of financing; their use and importance ebbed and flowed; the determining factor as to which source of financing to use, was the balance existing between the supply and the demand for financing and…

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