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Top Countries by Total Number of COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Administered

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How to Make Your Savings Last in Retirement

On average, we’re living longer. Which is good news. But the trouble is that living longer means that we have to eke out our pension savings for longer as well. Here are some tips to make your savings last in retirement.

Tax Free Municipal Bonds Worth It?

Tax free municipal bonds offer a means of investing without having to worry about paying taxes on the bond. They are known as municipal, because you buy them from a municipality. The municipalities include states, towns, schools, and cities. They are always federal tax exempt and may or may not be local and state tax exempt depending on where you live an where you buy them. There are two major types of these investments; general obligation and revenue. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages that must be weighed carefully.

A Retirement Annuity Guide

Do you want to know more about Annuity Retirement? Read here for some tips and guide.

Tax Free: The Smart Way To Invest

Tax free investments can help secure one’s financial security if they are properly utilized. Over time, this type of investing can generate much more wealth than other investments. For example, if you choose a bond that has a 5% interest rate and you are in the 35% income tax bracket, you would have to find a taxed investment opportunity with a 7.7% interest rate to get an equivalent return over time. Clearly, investments that are not subject to taxes can yield much higher results. Not only that, but municipal bonds are safe investments because they are backed by the government. Unlike companies which could collapse, the government tends to be stable and secure. Investors wishing to multiply their earnings should seriously consider talking to a bond broker to discuss the benefits of tax free investing.

3 Major Risks During Retirement and How to Prepare

Today’s retirees face many different challenges than retirees off the past. Guaranteed income from a pension is almost extinct! For most, Social Security is the only form of fixed income, but alone isn’t enough to meet living expenses.

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