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Top Zinc Producing Countries in The World From 1920 to 2020 (in Metric Ton)

World’s Most Valuable Diamond – The Hope Diamond

The most famous diamond in the world. The most expensive diamond in the world. Pedigrees of 19 different individuals who owned the Hope diamond, dating back to the 17th Century.

Hypocrisy and Hypocrites – The Absurdity of The Modern Civilization

The tragic consequences of the global hypocrisy are insane, but nobody feels responsible for the existence of poverty on Earth. Selfishness is only theoretically condemned in our world, while greed is always applauded, in a way or another. You are induced to be a selfish consumer who should care about making a lot of money in order to keep buying everything that is produced by various companies (because these companies have to keep selling their products). Therefore, you are induced to basically care about feeding your stomach and your ego because you are a victim of the absurd modern civilization.

Autism, Asberger’s, Geeks and Nerds – How They Think and How Life Would Not Be the Same Without Them

Autistic thinking has brought tremendous benefit to society. But the autistic child must be directed in a positive way to sort out the flood of sensory and visual imagery that they are confronted with. Giving them the tools to categorize the world gives them the opportunity to be contributing members of society rather than leave them locked in a private world.

The Psychology of Hatred

On why hatred is necessary in this world and helps refine our basic aggression. Hate or hatred like love is one of the most personal emotions in that the expressions could be widely varied and even too subtle to decipher. Hatred is truly the opposite of love because the manifestation of hatred is almost like the manifestation of love. This is because, in most cases only two people, the one who hates and the one who is hated seem to perceive the underlying dynamics of the relationship or the emotions involved and other people may be unaware.

Biblical Anthropology: A Summary of the Discipline

Biblical anthropology is a sub-discipline of Biblical studies and history. It is a broad, comparative approach combining the study of culture, language, archaeology, and human biology to better understand the Biblical world and the relationship between humanity and God.

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