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Update The Star Spangled Banner

A call for reforms that might de-glorify war and promote peaceful sentiments. I have a few suggested wellness-based reforms for the one stanza you do know, more or less. I’ll offer a few reform suggestions in a moment and, if you are of such a mind, I invite you to consider suggesting a few, as well. First, read and wince if you must at the war-like, god-talk besotted three parts that nobody knows, thank goodness.

Jungle Marriages In Cross Rivers State Of Nigeria And Environs

Marriages in jungle communities of Cross River State of Nigeria till now are yet to conform to the modern norms and standard of marriages. For example, a seventy year old man is allowed to be joined to a ten year old girl in wedlock.

Remembered By Manners

The Chinese say, “Manners maketh man” and the Irish say, “It’s bad manners to talk about ropes in the house of a man whose father was hanged”, the Romans say, “The rough manners of the vulgar are contagious”, and Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Good manners is made up of petty sacrifices.” These quotes merged, are perhaps one’s best guide to universally accepted codes of conduct. There is no one definition for good manners as there are many variations with the diverse cultures worldwide and as times are ever-changing so too manners are shifting.

Government, Economics, Ecology and the Human Condition

This article is about the newly emerging Fullerene fractal life science and how it can help to balance the importance of the planetary ecology with the economy. It points out that unless we adopt a new sense of reality based on science and political ethics humanity continues to become subject to entropic extinction.

Vintage Hawaiian Shirts: A Symbol of Artwork, History, and Ethnic Diversity

Vintage Hawaiian shirts are beautiful symbol of ethnic diversity and cultural blending. Native Hawaiians, early Westerners, and immigrants from around the world, all contributed to the making of the Aloha shirt, or, Hawaiian shirt, as it’s more commonly known. Vintage Hawaiian shirts are collectible because of the artwork, history, and cultural stories that they tell.

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