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Freedom and Abuse

Freedom is attractive, and so is eroticism. However most people have been brainwashed to hate such things. For women who have freedom and eroticism, this means that they are attractive to men; however most men also hate them for the same qualities they find attractive.

Gender War, Tolerance and Goodwill

I have studied and written about the gender war for a long time. There are any number of things that can be done to reduce the nastiness of this conflict; but the ultimate solution is this: Tolerance and goodwill. Tolerance means accepting that, while the next person may be different from you, she still has valuable qualities – often valuable qualities that you yourself do not have.

Domestic Violence and Self-Control

According to the latest research, the main predictor of domestic violence is violence-supporting beliefs. The man who does not believe in being violent toward the women in his life will strive to refrain from using violence toward women in his life and will feel guilty if he commits it. Whereas a man who believes that men should be violent toward women will be unapologetically violent and will persist in being violent toward their wives and their girlfriends, even if they are with women who are willing to treat them well.

Verbal Abuse and Racket Anger

I have heard it stated by many women in bad situations that verbal abuse hurts more than does physical violence. Since the law protects free speech I do not see how that can be dealt with legally in most countries; but I believe that this matter can be dealt with rationally. And the rational solution is pointing out the underlying illogic and dishonesty of the behaviour.

Dworkin Feminists and Better Women

Some people referred to me as a male feminist, and others referred to me as a misogynist. In reality I am neither. I neither like nor dislike most women, just as I neither like nor dislike most men.

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