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People Watching, Stereotyping, Profiling and Human Behavior Considered

It’s really fun to people watch, I think you should do it more. Interestingly enough, that is the advice I recently gave to an acquaintance, who noted that people have distinct “habits and rituals” and that some are common to all, that is to say our species, and others not, either way he noted that humans “are amazing in their depth and breadth.” Wow, totally,” I thought to myself, “isn’t that the truth?” Sure it is, even you are nodding your head in agreement and you are only reading this article, did you know nodding your head while reading is a common thing people do?

Swimming Upstream

In this world there are two kinds of people – those who ‘go with the flow’ and those who do everything they can to swim against it. From people fighting to keep slavery alive to capitalists trying to keep platforms closed-source, these entities have always been and will always be fighting a losing battle.

Defining Atheism

The atheistic viewpoint has always struck me as a rather narrow one as heard from its more dogmatic proponents like Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss and the late Cristopher Hitchens. Their arguments are against the traditional Biblical god-this personal caring being who resides above, whose mind revolves around us, answers prayer requests, keeps a tally of good and bad acts, in control of the ground game here on Earth, and promises either blissful immortality or being tortured forever by burning. A god that exhibits primitive stupid human emotions of anger, jealousy and revenge; and a blood-lust that insists a human being…

The Allure of Apocalypse

What is the allure and fascination of apocalype? Is it in our DNA driven by evolutionary biology? Why have visions of impending doom been with us throughout history across the world?

Gangsters, Despots, Cowboys and Definitions of Strength

A major factor in determining one’s course of action is one’s definition of what is strength. How it is defined and how it is wielded carries a vast effect in how people’s actions are directed. And on this, some definitions are better than others.

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