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Is Ground Zero Really a Great Piece of Property to Rebuild America’s Statement to the World?

After 9/11, our government decided that we were going to take a stand tall and proud, and our citizens decided that we would never forget. Thus, they decided to rebuild the Twin Towers to prove that America was strong, and could not be broken. This is true, and a known fact, the Spirit of America cannot be broken, and we still have solid Americans in our society and civilization that refuse to quit or give up. It is indeed part of our genetic makeup. It’s what makes America great.

Neolithic Revolution in US Will Change History As We Know It

The history of the neolithic revolution is very vague and based upon a theory. According to that theory, Paleolithic and neolithic time didn’t exist in America until roughly around 13 thousand yrs ago. And when they did exist, it was in small amounts. They state that it all began in Africa through evolution. While it’s a well thought up theory, proof is showing us otherwise.

Blood and American Indians: Part 2

Elizabeth Warren, candidate for the U.S. Senate from Massachussetts, has been caught in the dilemma of “blood quantum,” the rule that whites used to define “Indianness.” But many other American Indians face this same issue, and one of the hottest issues across Native America is, “Who is Indian?”

Ecocide or Genocide – Debunking the Biggest Easter Island Myth

The ancient Easter Island people is known for depleting their natural resources, leading to hunger, chaos, tribal warfare and cannibalism, exterminating themselves. This story is often used as a parallel to our own way of treating the planet. The only problem with this image of the Easter Island history is that it is wrong.

Overpopulation Is Just A Myth

The earth is our starship and the human population is on an amazing, endless journey through time and space. We cut through light years of distance at incredibly high speeds, in an elliptical orbit around the sun, somewhere within one of the better neighborhoods of our galaxy; along one of the many dark back roads in the universe. So in a very real sense, we are all just passengers riding on this marvelous blue ball that has no driver; like a train without an engineer, we are heading toward no set destination. Indeed, the journey is the destination; a journey that will continue on long after we are gone, until our sun eventually burns out. If anything happens to this starship, then we are all doomed, because we have no other place to go. Overpopulation is generally the undesirable condition brought up by politicians around election time referring to how various populations exceed the carrying capacity of their habitat. The expression often refers to the relationship between the human population and its environment, the earth, or one of the countries on it. Whether or not it is a valid concern remains to be proven.

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