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Should Prisons Set Up Entrepreneurial Digital Libraries for Inmates?

Not long ago, I was made aware of an interesting case study at a correctional facility in Texas. It turns out that they have an incredibly low recidivism rate with those inmates which graduate from their entrepreneur program – only 5%. Yes, wow, that’s unbelievably amazing indeed. Okay so, how can this program be expanded or duplicated in every correctional facility across the nation? I have some thoughts I’d like to share with you if I might.

Sheep, Wolves, and Other Species

One common metaphor is sheep and wolves. Why this metaphor is inadequate.

The Three Generations – A Look At How Different Generations Treat New Mediums

A look at how different generations look at new technological mediums, especially how everyone’s reactions to the Internet – good and bad, are nothing new. It’s all happened before with everything that came before, from television to books.

An Identity or an Insult

The term ‘Black’ British has become the generic description for people of African descent that hold British nationality. The majority of people born in Britain prefer to be British rather than have the term ‘black’ attached to it. Asians living in Britain in the 1960’s were considered to be ‘Black’, this did not last for long, with British born Asians developing a new sense of identity and eager to show the differences between Africans and Asians soon escaped the clutches of the term ‘black’ and became known as British Asians.

Ta Moko – Traditional Maori Tattoos

A short tribute to ta moko – traditional tattoos of the Maori. Origins, features, appliance and legacy.

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