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Why People Tell Lies

Liars are always there ready to spin yarns that some swallow to enhance their lives. The reason for lies is complex and something that psychiatrists are possibly still working on but there are simple solutions and answers to this question.

Blacks “Comin’ Home” To The New South Not A New Phenomenon

I must confess my ignorance to the fact that the “Great Reverse Migration” of blacks from northern cites to their “homes” in the southern United States began many years earlier than I thought. It was my uneducated assumption that the trend began in the mid to late 1990s. A little research revealed that as early as the mid 1970s, blacks were moving back to the South in large numbers.

Dancing Into the Spirit World

Many cultures believe that the spirit of the dead passes into the afterlife through some magical activity. The dance is one of the most expressive forms of conjuring up the spirit in religious rituals.

What Does God Look Like?

It seems that most believe in a force that is capable of creating the universe and all we see in space and within our environment. The question is why would it be a man-like creature that is restricted to an area above the earth and over which man has control?

Jesus the Spirit or Jesus Christ the Invention

The name Jesus has been around for millennium but only now is it realised how it was used to invent Jesus Christ. This image was invented by Constantine who established the Roman Catholic Church and used it as a false god that would not impede his authority.

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