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Society and Its Challenges – A Think Tank Topic

Indeed, not much remains when it comes to the topic of society in our civilization, and our think tanks, academia, and government leaders are constantly speaking amongst themselves how to use social engineering tactics to maintain civility in a society? And if so to what extremes should they go to help keep the peace? It seems at times there are no bounds and perhaps this is why our online style think tank recently addressed this dilemma.

The Treasures in Tintignac – France

The architectonic ensemble in Tintignac, France was first cited in 1838 by Prosper Merimee, who did this in his travel notes. This ensemble or temple consists of four monumental edifices, one of the buildings being called “a tribunal” and having an undetermined role. Then, there is also a theatre and another building which is ninety metres long and which has the walls covered in marble.

The Map of the Treasures and Thesauruses in the World

The Bild magazine helped the treasure hunters with some very useful tips provided by its experts in archaeology and history. These made a map of the most important treasures lost in different corners of the world over time. Whether we are talking about treasure cases or by entire ships with statues made of precious metals, the ones passionate about treasures could actually make a blast if they searched the places indicated by the specialists. Some of these treasures are now worth billions of euros.

A Space Proposal

It is no longer fashionable (if it ever really was) to openly espouse let alone attempt to implement grandiose visions that do not at least promise immediate gratification to the general public. Today, in what seems to be a period of national decline, anything that smacks of overreaching in any field will be greeted with a fair amount of eye-rolling and cynical snickering.

Undiscovered Thracian Treasures

The Thracian treasures were discovered right after World War Two. There were hundreds of places which were suspected to hide tombs and treasures, but there were no more consistent searches. In 1992, archaeologist Georgi Kitov from Bulgaria planned a large campaign, but only got a little money and couldn’t afford to dig only for one week. Also, he had a choice: to dig randomly, hoping to find sometimes which would convince the authorities to give him more money or to give up on the idea and try to get more funds for the future. He chose the first option.

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