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(UPDATE) Covid-19 Vaccination Race: Top Countries by Number of People FULLY Vaccinated

This video shows the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) Vaccination situation in the world, showing in a bar chart race the top countries with people FULLY vaccinated (2 doses). It also shows a ranking with the share of population fully vaccinated for every country.
*Note: data of people fully vaccinated for China not available

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Data Source: Our World in Data
Music: Scott Buckley – Chasing day light.

What Income Will We Need In Retirement?

The recent adage was that we would need 70% of income (on the day we retired) to live a comfortable lifestyle during our retirement years. However that concept was only of recent origin – after all, until the last few decades, the statistics showed that if we retired at age 65, we would did around 75. And of course government welfare was adequate to supplement our (meagre) household savings over that time.

Moderate Expectations

We all want to make money in the stock market. There is no shortage of promised fantastic profits when you purchase some company’s advice or tips service. We all need to lower our expectations. Safe investing is not about ‘doubling your money in 30 days.’ It is about slow steady growth through quality value investments and rules that protect profits.

Do You Have Your Own Personal Pension?

Today very few people have pensions from work. Many Baby Boomers will only have Social Security and a 401k for retirement income. Let’s see how we can develop a personal pension.

Important Changes to Social Security

With the tax packaged passed late in 2010 come several changes to Social Security. Two in particular call for comment.

Babe Ruth’s Home Run Retirement Plan

The Babe had pocketed his World Series winnings of $50,000 and was ready to make history by purchasing something that would help him live a worry free lifestyle. It turned out to be a very wise move on the Babe’s part. Let’s keep the time frame in perspective here. October 16, 1923 was just a few short years before the Great Depression…

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