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What are the most obese countries in the world?

Obesity is most commonly measured using the body mass index (BMI). The World Health Organisation considers adults with a BMI of 30 or more as obese. In this video, we will see the ranking of the most obese countries in the world by the share of adults that are obese from 1975 to 2016. this comparison shows some countries with a ridiculous obesity rate. The most obese country in the world wasn’t America nor Kuwait but Nauru wich considered the top fattest country in the world basing on BMI index not only share of obese adults.
1: World health organization
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Appraising/Valuing/Discounting Promissory Notes

What Affects a Note’s Fair Market Value—and Discounts? What is Fair Market Value?

New Money Management Model: The World Is Finally Ready

The money management business has thrived for a long time without fees being tied to a standard performance benchmark. Is it time to change the model? YES!

Financial Planning Services

Financial strategists and planners are specialists who work with individuals to create a financial plan which will help to generate more wealth. They are commonly used by people from all different walks of life, including people who are heading towards retirement, and people that are interested in learning how to invest and use their income to maximize their wealth. This article takes a look at a five step process which is offered by financial strategists, and it explains what each of the steps entail.

Money Market Funds For Retirement

  Every person wants to grow their savings and today many of them consider money market funds for the purpose. They offer high liquidity, safety and interest in the form of dividend. If you are looking for IRA investment options, money market can be a great place for it.

Total Protection Within a Stimulus Environment

Market optimism is stemming from austerity measures or financial bailouts, which can be argued as presenting an illusion of a healthy economy. Currently, Quantitative Easement III (QEIII) allows the Federal Government to pump $35 billion per month into bonds and mortgage backed securities indefinitely, until the unemployment falls below 6.5%, which is something that is easily several years away from happening.

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