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Why he cut his nails after 66 years – Guinness World Records

Double Standards: The Racial War

This article takes a look at recent racial tensions in the American society. Rehashing some of the most notable killings that took place in America, it raises a few questions for the reader to extend dialogue amongst family, friends, and peers.

Understanding Social Structure – India

This is a short and simple analysis of the society and social structure in India. It includes the evaluation of the institutions of marriage and family, politics, economy and religion prevalent in India. It also includes the discussions about the changes and continuity in the Indian society.

When Nobody Listens

When nobody listens, a familiar phrase and yet too many times certain individuals say and write the most profound messages that could reshape the human experience but when nobody listens it is all in vain. In a tragic sense there are those who possess demented minds have gone on to do tragic, insane, and unimaginable horrific deeds. It is only after the fact when the tragedy occurs that people suddenly wake up and listen to what is being said.

And, The Carnage Continues

Could it be that the times of today are masked by the Devils hand? One has to wonder considering the carnage that played out in Las Vegas. The perpetrators of calamity continue to carry out their heinous acts of unspeakable terror.

Who in Their Right Mind Would Go To Mars?

There are apparently thousands lining up for the journey. Some are prepared to pay thousands for the privilege. So, would they be in their right minds and if so what is motivating them.

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