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World Population – History & Projection (1820-2100)

This video shows the World Population growth between the years 1820 and 2100, using historical and projected data. It uses a bar chart race for the countries (top 20) and a line chart shows continent’s population evolution. Historical and projected population is based on the present countries.

Data Source:
– The Angus Maddison Project
– UN World Population Prospects

Scott Buckley – This Too Shall Pass

Global Stats – High Quality Visualizations.
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Five Things You Need To Know When Deciding How To Invest For Retirement

Successful investors are good at finding opportunities. Successful investors buy low, sell high, and keep emotion out of their decisions. Sound easy? Like most things, it sounds easier than it is. Fortunately, you can get help (as we’ll discuss in a moment.)

Is an Annuity the Same As an IRA? – Annuities 101

Annuities 101 – Annuities have been confused with IRA’s for years. I think it might be the “A” in IRA. It is very common to be a little confused about your IRA considering it has changed throughout the years and so have annuities.

Paying For An Illness – With Your Retirement

As devastating as it may seem to even think of it, you could be saving for retirement just so you can pay for a catastrophic illness. Most people ignore the fact that it could even happen to them.

How to Select the Best Financial Advisor

In light of recent Wall Street scandals, many investors are taking a closer look at who is actually managing their money and what investment methodology they are following. Investors are taking the time to do their due-diligence and are becoming more educated on selecting the best financial advisor. In my travels and meetings with clients, I continue to hear the same vein of questions. How do I select the best wealth manager?

Steps of Financial Planning

The steps of financial planning are a long and drawn out process. Many people start out at a young age preparing for their future. They look into all sorts of investment options, which may consists of purchasing stocks or/and bonds.

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