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World’s Largest Exporting Countries from 1948 to 2019

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World’s Most Exporting Countries

Dividend-Paying Stocks

Retirees need to find strategies for generating income from their accumulated savings; even a pension and Social Security together may not be enough to provide sufficient retirement income, especially in the early retirement years. Many retirees in their 60s in fact find that they spend more money than they ever did during their working years. True, retirees no longer have commuting expenses, and they don’t need to maintain expensive working wardrobes.

Reduce Your Capital Gains Tax When Selling Valuable Assets

Guns and butter? Guns are the things that appreciate with value such as fine art, real estate, a business, planes, jewelry, boats, race horse, or stocks and bonds. Butter are the things that offer instant gratification but gradually decreases in value which can be classified as cars, computers, machines, office furniture, etc.

Retirement Planning Through a Strategic Wealth Management Process

Nobody wishes to work until he or she drop dead. However, designing and implementing a successful retirement plan can be very challenging, not just because of investment uncertainty, but also because of the unwilling to sacrifice current lifestyle for the future. With high inflation and dropping bank saving rates, challenging investment climax and job uncertainty, nobody can afford to not take their retirement plan seriously.

Investing for Retirement – Making the Decision to Start

It’s been said that if we start saving $100 a month from age 18 to 65 we will become a millionaire. Despite this great news, how many people actually take action on this advice? $100 a month might be easy for you and me to sock away, or $3 a day, but for many it seems to be impossible.

Finding a Financial Advisor

Retirement often presents us with bewildering choices: When to retire? Where to live? How to occupy one’s time? These kinds of decisions are mostly matters of personal choice, and though you can seek the advice of friends and family, ultimately you’ll need to decide them on your own.

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