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World’s Largest Importing Countries from 1948 to 2019

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Investing Can Still Be an Option: 3 Tips For Investing During Challenging Times

When the economy sinks and cash becomes tighter than ever, investments might be one of the primary items to overlook. This is also true with property or stocks, since these represent investment opportunities with risks we might struggle to come up with the money for. Concern with failure or any other economic downturn holds most people back from taking potential risks like these. You might still make smart investments, but it surely requires you to definitely be more careful.

The Myth Behind Your Retirement Portfolio

Everything you have been told about retirement planning and general financial planning is wrong and built on a house of cards. We will examine the flaws in the major theories and models put forth by industry professionals. In addition, we will discuss what you can do today to save your retirement funds from disaster. The weakest link in the theory underlying all financial planning and retirement planning is not stocks, or bonds, instead it is the foundation of financial planning; the principle of exponential compounding. The sooner you understand the truth about exponential compounding, the sooner your retirement portfolio will be able to provide you with the funds you will need once you do retire.

Tax Free Bonds: An Analytical Approach

For a more in-depth understanding of tax free bonds it would be helpful to wok with an example of the possibilities for profit. Say you issue out a non taxable loan worth $10,000 at an interest of 10%. You will receive $500/every 6th month “profit”, since there are no income taxes involved. However, if you opt for a corporate bond at the same interest of 10% you would remain with $425 after being taxed income tax of at least 15% (15% of $500 interest earnings subtracted from your interest earnings). These investments are meaningful and very competitive for any investor, even for the overconfident risk taker.

You Can Retire Debt Free

Are you looking for debt management assistance? Do you want to resign debt free priority wise? If so, you can do this. Many are learning that this needs to be of great importance as the economy is so unstable right now. If you are living paycheck to paycheck, you need to make some changes to allow this to happen.

Retirement Planning: More Than Money

People often focus their retirement planning efforts on meeting financial goals while neglecting other equally important issues.Relevant questions involve not just what financial resources you will have available, but how you will use your time during retirement. As a geriatrician, Dr. Schlaerth believes that working longer is generally a good thing.She has observed that patients who quit working are likely to gain weight, become hypertensive, and even develop depression.

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