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World’s Largest Meat Producing Countries

Which Countries Produce the Most Meat in the World?

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Meat production
Top Meat producing countries

How to Determine How Much Money You Will Need to Retire

How much money to retire?… Depends on who you ask… It also depends on how bad you want to retire… If you really want to retire you can find ways to do so. If you listen to the financial planners, especially the ones, to tell you that you will not be happy unless you have X percent of what you’re earning now to enjoy retirement.

Include Long-Term Investments When Planning For Retirement

Planning for your retirement nowadays can be a bit tricky if you make a mistake and do not make the right type of investments. Fortunately, there are several long-term investments that will make excellent choices for investing your money in now, as you plan for your future retirement.

If Printing Creates Wealth, Why Isn’t Zimbabwe The Richest Country on Earth?

The past doesn’t exactly predict the future but it often rhymes. It’s time we take a moment to look back over the past three and a half years so we as US dollar holders can really grasp what is happening to our world…and if you live on planet earth than regardless of where you live, from Shanghai to Cairo, your central banks owns tons of US dollars in their central bank. So we are all dollar holders! From September 2007 to December 2008 the US Fed cut rates from 5.25% to zero (English speak: banks can borrow as much as they want at 0%). The result of this historic measure was that the US stock market fell 40%.

Look at the Big Picture

While many modern economists claim that the economy is recovering there is hard evidence that we haven’t see anything yet. Just as illogical the idea of “spending our way out of recession” is so is their claim to economic recovery. There is one major threat to the U.S. economy: the instability of the U.S. currency, triggered by 1) massive national debt funded with newly created notes and 2) the possibility of a loss of its current “world reserve” status. The collapse of the dollar would lead to a drastic loss in your purchasing power, your standard of living, and your overall financial plan. Considering that average income does not rise at the same pace with inflation it’s time to be proactive and make a plan for the future.

When Will You Have The Money To Retire?

Not saying that everyone doesn’t want to retire early, but some of us are not built to work the 9-5 job where we move around like sheep doing the work while someone else enjoys the benefits. With some people there is a little voice that screams deep inside to let him out.

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