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World’s Largest Political Parties (1960-2021)

To Harass and Control: When the Problem Comes From Inside the Police

The South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) released on February 2011 a research paper about the involvement of South African Police Service (SAPS) in violent crimes. This publication was called Broken Blue Line.

Different Rites of Passage Into Adulthood

Coming of age is a critical moment in every culture. Different communities have come to celebrate it differently but they all share the sense of importance this occasion implies.

Sociology Class – What I Learned From It

A thought on being a mere speck in this world and how freedom from social blindness changes lives. This Article talks about how my Sociology class taught me about the raw reality in the world we are living in.

The Human ‘Operating System’

How do we ‘operate’? What makes us ‘work’? Where does our knowledge come from? Where do our beliefs, cultures, phobias, superstitions, etc., originate? What gives us our individuality? We can see quite clearly the importance of an ‘operating system’ (O/S) to the computer. Every general-purpose computer must have an O/S. The computer will not function without one. This fact has made Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, one of the richest men on Earth. I believe all living creatures have an ‘operating system’. Our ‘operating system’ is comprised of genes from not only our parents but also ancestors reaching back to the beginning of life on Earth. Within our ‘operating systems’ I believe we have what I would call a ‘trans-generation’ subconscious memory that is made up of data gathered from the point when life began to the present day. But was there some extraterrestrial ‘help’ along our evolutionary path around 13,000 years ago?

Living Supercentenarians – An End to an Era

An end to an era is quickly approaching and unfortunately many of us are totally unaware. Soon there will be no single human being alive that was born in the 1800’s. All of the remaining living people that were born in the 1800’s are more than 112 years old now and there are only 28 of these amazing people left!

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