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World’s Largest Wood Producing Countries from 1961 to 2019

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Wood Production
Timber Production
Top Wood Producing Countries
Top Countries by Wood Productio

Pension Calculator: The Purpose of Calculating Your Pension and Retirement Income Potential

A pension is a form of savings account which provides people with a regular income, usually after retirement. The minimum age at which one can retire and take benefits from their pension is 55. Pension plans may be set up by an employer, an insurance company, the government or other institutions such as employer associations or trade unions.

Just Retirement Launch Enhanced Fixed Term Annuity

Retirement specialist Just Retirement have released a new fixed term hybrid annuity scheme. The new product is designed to offer increased flexibility for individuals if their circumstances change. One of a range of ‘third way’ annuity products likely to hit the market as government changes to pension regulations come into effect.

ISA Savers Feeling the Pinch

With interest rates at a continued record low, it’s no great surprise that finding a good rate of return on cash investments is difficult. Cash ISAs have seen investors flee in their thousands, risking their savings in the more traditionally riskier stocks and shares ISAs. The higher risk is considered by many to be worth taking when the returns on cash investments are so low.

Downsizing Your Possessions

If you’re in the process of retiring and plan to downsize your living space — by selling your current home and moving someplace smaller, whether in a completely different region or just around the corner — then your house swap is only part of the problem. Your current home is likely filled with possessions accumulated over a lifetime, and only some of them are going to fit into your new living space. It will take some planning, and some work, to rationalize your possessions…

How to Calculate for Retirement and How to Make It Irrelevant

The formula for how much should be invested for a certain interest to be paid to a known APY is pretty simple. Putting that money away is another problem and may need another approach.

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