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World’s tallest man meets world’s shortest man #Shorts

Malice Aforethought – Murdering Thoughts

Quite consciously and not accidentally, not excusably, murdering thoughts is the purposeful carnality in selfish arrogant and malevolent intention to kill another person. Alternatively, depending on your particular slant, perhaps one could consider the killing of another life form. However, in particular reference to this point of preference, thinking is the primacy of the willful transition from ideation to termination. Herein, criminality is the emphasis, and may include individuals or heads of state.

The ‘Bi Nka Bi’ Adinkra Symbol of Ghana – An Embodiment of Peace

The early Asante forebears of Ghana intelligently crafted many symbols that philosophically instructed society members on the moral code of living. This assisted greatly in promoting social cohesion and peaceful relationship amongst themselves. A critical analysis of the symbols reveals the ingenuity of the Asante forebears. Crafted since the 1600s, many of these symbols have symbolic interpretations which when pondered over give insightful advice that enriches the moral currency of those who abide by them. One of such important Ghanaian symbols is the ‘Bi-Nka-Bi’.

The Soul of America and the Souls of Its Residents

Not too long ago, I reviewed John Meachum’s book, The Soul of America. I noted that the soul of which he speaks is a patchwork of all of those who inhabit America and as such is a messy concept to describe and make sense of. Our collective soul is a fabric woven from our individual souls. But what does this mean?

Dystopic Phase of Creative Malaise

Dystopic, as in a state of intellectual regression, suggests the phases of counterproductive discourse, or storytelling, which suffers the intentional erosion of social creativity. With a superficiality of supposed originality, or even a pretense to inventiveness, personifying “political correctness” or divisive “subcultural agenda”, lazily masquerade as informative works of art. Rife is the social interactivity of superficial human exchanges and heavily influenced from myriad pseudoscientific perspectives. From incessant selfies to shallow postings, the depth of intellectual reach is most often a short grasp at meaningless regurgitations.

What Contributed to Constantine’s Success

Many probably have never heard of the Roman Emperor, Claudius Constantine, who ruled the greatest empire of the ancient world for more than 30 years. He was charismatic, handsome, and some would say a great general. That is because he wiped out his enemies and their entire families.

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