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World’s Top Coal Producing Countries From 1900 to 2020

What If the Gold Given by the Magi to the Infant Jesus Were a Liquid, Not a Metal?

It is possible that the translator of the King James version of The Bible got it wrong, and the gold given by the Magi to the infant Jesus was not a precious metal, but a liquid. At the time of the translation gold (the metal) was the most expensive commodity in Britain, but this was not the case in the ancient world.

The Psychology of Etiquette

On the role of collective unconscious in etiquette psychology and the social, cultural, historical and psychological dimensions of etiquette Etiquette is closely related to culture as cultures provide the code of conduct and thus lay the foundation for the basic pattern of social interaction. Etiquette relates to what is socially appropriate and is very socially grounded whereas manners could be more generalized. The psychology of etiquette has to analyze social customs according to psychological principles and how etiquette or codes of behavior have developed from the collective consciousness.

The Ancient Mind

These days it would of course be absurd to think of tribal peoples as being in any way at all less intelligent than humans in modern civilization, but this was in fact the assumption of probably most people until not long ago, including scientists in fact. The term ‘tribal people’ conjures up bush and jungle people in the wilds of Africa and the Amazon while on the other hand the word ‘Germanic’ evokes a sophisticated culture marked by the achievements of such people as Beethoven and Oppenheimer. In fact however, not long ago when Rome was beginning to decline these same Germans were just as ‘primitive’ as the most primitive tribes today. What is noteworthy is how fast civilization spread throughout the region and how easily they adapted to it.

Birth of the Hippie Patchwork

The birth of the patchwork fashion began through necessity and as a way to protest current fashion trends. The group responsible for this trend were know by two names the Family of Unlimited Devotion or simply The Spinners. The Spinners were best know for their dance style spinning in circles at the Grateful Dead shows and then falling prostrate on the ground once the song ended.

The Future of Intelligence

Recently, I’ve become aware that various authors and researchers are predicting an event in human history that will change everything we label “human.” Crossing this threshold will allow us to do two things-build machines that are billions of times smarter than we are, and radically increase the lifespan of the individual. The first objective will be achieved by plunging ahead in the development of computers and artificial intelligence, so that these machines will, in turn, invent greater machines in a quickening arc.

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