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World’s Top Silk Producing Countries (from 1960 to 2020)

Safe Retirement Plan Even If the Stock Market Loses Half Its Value

The bottom line is that no one really knows what the stock market is going to do during the next ten years though indicators point towards a decline. Given the uncertainty of the market, why would anyone invest in stocks anytime soon? The answer is to invest your retirement account in a Safe Savings Account that offers you a guaranteed interest rate. You cannot create an accurate financial plan unless you have a guaranteed interest rate.

Lump Sum Annuity Vs Annuity Pension Plan

Lump sum annuity is a debatable topic. Many companies have pension plans where they offer annuity which is evenly spread over the life span of its employee.

Retirement Investing – Type Of Investments

Retirement could still be a long way from you or maybe it is just right around the corner. It really doesn’t matter as to how far or near it is, you must firmly start saving for the same from this very moment. But it is a fact that saving in current circumstances is not what it used to be earlier with immense rise in the living costs.

Analyzing The Pension Annuity

Do you ever think about your plans for retirement? Will it be a lump sum amount or a pension annuity? What is the actual difference between the two?

Retirement Plan – A Source Of Happiness

Retirement plans are so designed so that they can help a person in maintaining his living standards even during his retirement. The people who take requisite precautions during their active and earning days and enroll to suitable retirement investing plans, then get a fixed monthly amount of money for the rest of their lives. We usually plan our retirement life as…

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